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Throughout the greater Houston area The Tarlow Law Firm is your address for matters of criminal defense and family law. The Tarlow Law Firm has years of experience serving diverse clients in Harris County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County and Galveston County, and many other counties in Texas. We provide our clients with excellent service at fair prices. Whenever you have a problem in that involves a courtroom, allow The Tarlow Law Firm to be there with you. We offer our clients caring, creative, and results-oriented representation, and we treat your problems as if they were our own. The Tarlow Law firm focuses on trust and teamwork, where you are not just a client, you are also part of the legal team! We at The Tarlow Law Firm understand that listening and frequently communicating with our clients has been a key ingredient in getting the best results in court. Our clients receive the individual attention that they deserve. We treat you, as we would want to be treated.

Our bilingual attorney and staff understand the difficulties that each client faces, and we treat each criminal and family law issue on a personalized basis. The Tarlow Law Firm reaches out to you with a helping hand when you need that helping hand the most.

We understand the stress and fear that comes when you or someone you love is arrested and charged with a crime. The Tarlow Law Firm brings an approach to your criminal case that focuses on good investigation, knowledge of the law, and out-of-the-box thinking. We keep the other side guessing. The Tarlow Law Firm handles all misdemeanors and felonies. We aim not just to defend you against the charges, but also to make sure that you are up-to-date on your case, and that you understand all the potential consequences. Fear and stress are always part of a criminal case, no matter how big or small. That is why we strive to explain each part of case in everyday English rather than speaking to you in legalese. Leave it to The Tarlow Law Firm to handle the stress for you, and to advise and counsel you every step of the way.

The Tarlow Law Firm also represents clients in all family law matters. No matter what your need, be it a divorce, a custody battle, or adoption, we stand with you and fight for you in family court. The Tarlow Law firm is ready to help when you need us. We are strong advocates for father’s rights, and we do not allow our clients or ourselves to subscribe to negative thinking or believing that a father has no chance in court. From jury trials to trials with just a judge, The Tarlow Law firm has been in the trenches with loving fathers for over 10 years. The Tarlow Law Firm knows and respects just how critically important a father is to his children, and we do our very best to send that message to judges and juries. The Tarlow Law Firm also works with grandparents or other relatives to make sure that the children in your family have the structured, loving, and guiding environment that children need today more than ever.

Whether you are charged with a crime, or seek to gain the most for your children and family, The Tarlow Law Firm offers you years of experience, creativity, integrity, and dedication to your case and your life.