nathaniel tarlow
Nathaniel Tarlow

Nathaniel Tarlow, Attorney At Law

Languages: English, Spanish

Nathaniel “Nate” Tarlow is an attorney and the founder of the Tarlow Law Office located in Houston, Texas. The Tarlow Law Office places tremendous value on honesty, good service, and creative approaches to dealing with every case. Nathaniel Tarlow has been practicing law in the Houston and Harris County area, and in Galveston County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, and other counties throughout the state. The Tarlow Law Office understands and respects the fact that when your case in court, it is very often the most important thing in your life that is happening. The Tarlow Law Office truly believes that listening to you, and understanding your goals, builds trust between you and the lawyer. 

The Tarlow Law Office represents a very diverse clientele in both English and Spanish. Some of Nathaniel Tarlow’s achievements have garnered him recognition and awards both inside the United States and also internationally. In 2008, Tarlow was designated as one of the top 10 heroes of the Republic of Honduras by the “El Heraldo” newspaper for a legal victory involving a deported Honduran citizen. Nathaniel Tarlow has also spoken at international conferences in Aruba and the Dominican Republic on the subject of criminal law as it relates to tourism-based economies. Nathaniel Tarlow has traveled extensively throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, Central America, and South America. He brings a lot of experience to The Tarlow Law Office regarding interacting and learning from people of many backgrounds and cultures. The Tarlow Law Office recognizes that the greater Houston area has become tremendously more diverse in recent years, and connecting with people of different nationalities not only helps The Tarlow Law Office to better understand their clients, it also is important with respect to understanding and recognizing important factors in cases tried to ever more diverse juries.

Tarlow is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, with a double major in History and Latin American Studies. During his university years, Tarlow worked for the Texas Rural Development Council and honed his skills as a writer and communicator. Tarlow is fluent in both English and Spanish. Upon graduation, Tarlow worked in the marketing department of the Mirage Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas, Nevada), and also as a bi-lingual tour guide with the United States Bureau of Reclamations at the Hoover Dam before entering law school. These work experiences helped Nathaniel Tarlow to develop good writing skills and a love of public speaking, all things that help The Tarlow Law Office in better representing clients.

Nathaniel Tarlow graduated from South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas in 2004. During law school, Mr. Tarlow clerked under Justice Linda R. Yanez of the Thirteenth District Court of Appeals and also worked for the law firm of Schneider and McKinney, PC. Tarlow was awarded the American Jurisprudence Award twice during law school and was a leading advocate for his team in their first-place finish in the Spurgeon Bell Memorial Mock Trial tournament.

Nathaniel Tarlow enjoys traveling to interesting countries, taking long bicycle rides, snow skiing, scuba diving, volunteering, reading, attending plays, and having a beer with friends. The Tarlow Law Office believes that it is important to be social, do things that are both fun and inspiring, and constantly growing and learning. In the high-stress profession of practicing law, it is important to have fun, relax, and remain balanced.

The Tarlow Law Firm is located in Houston, Texas. We represent clients in Harris County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County and Galveston County.

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