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Did you know that in Texas, it is possible to be arrested and have a felony assault charge in your name without you ever touching the person they say you assaulted? There are actually many different ways an assault can be filed against you in this state. An assault charge could be as basic as a ticket (Class C misdemeanor) or as serious as a high-degree felony, and all points in between. For a police officer or prosecutor to file an assault charge, it does not always require that the alleged victim be seriously injured, hurt, or even touched.

Common assault charges:

  • Class A Assault
  • Aggravated Assault (Serious Bodily Injury)
  • Aggravated Assault (Deadly Weapon)

Family Violence

An accusation of assault against a person who is defined as a member of your family, household, or with whom you have a romantic relationship is treated differently and more severely than an accusation of assault against a person who does not fall into one of those categories. In an assault case that involves an allegation of family violence, there are additional problems that can come into your life even though you are presumed innocent under the law. You can be ordered out of your own home, forced to surrender guns and ammunition that you legally own, prevented from coming within a certain distance of particular places in your community, and kept from seeing your children. All of this can happen while your case is still pending; even before a jury has had a chance to determine your guilt or innocence!

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