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All parents make mistakes when it comes to raising their children. Sometimes these mistakes result in the allegations of negligence or abuse of your child, prompting the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (referred to as “CPS”) to get involved. If the allegations are serious, your children may even be removed from the home and taken into protective custody. In the most extreme cases, you could even totally lose all rights to your children, and have them adopted out to strangers.

In this time, not only is your child being torn away from the only home he or she has ever known, but they may be bounced around in foster care and overwhelmed by counselors and other attorneys. Not only that, dealing with an agency like CPS can seem like you are fighting a two-front war. On one front, you have to continue working to make a living and get through life.

On the other front, you have to navigate a family service plan, dealing with counselors who may not be right for you, and sometimes with staff at CPS that can be downright hostile or dishonest. This is a parent’s worst nightmare. With emotions running high, it is difficult to navigate the complex process of CPS and the enduring steps to get your children back. You should not fight CPS alone. You need an experienced Houston CPS defense attorney that you can trust. Houston Family Law Attorney Nathaniel Tarlow will work aggressively to get your situation back on track and protect your constitutional rights to parent your child without government interference.

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